Biodanza®, the Dance of Life, is a system of human development, affective integration and relearning of the original functions of life
Welcome to the Association of Biodanza Facilitators in Israel (ABFI) – 
A voluntary organization unifying Biodanza facilitators with the common goal of ensuring the wellbeing and development of Biodanza SRT in Israel. Members include Biodanza facilitators certified through the International Biocentric Foundation and facilitators in the final stages of completing their training. 
Our primary aims are:
  • To promote and encourage the growth and awareness of Biodanza in Israel. 
  • To provide a space of professional support and exchange for Biodanza facilitators.
  • To arrange trainings and means for the professional development of facilitators. 
  • To generate events and social gatherings, enriching and cultivating the Biodanza community. 
  • To provide international links and exchange with other Biodanza Associations, teachers and events. 

What is Biodanza? 
Biodanza ®, the Dance of Life, is a system of human development, affective integration and relearning of the original functions of life. 
BIOS – Life
DANZA – The Latin root of the word dance which refers to integrated movement full of meaning.
NOT performative dance.
RATHER dance which is full of meaning for the dancer, in which the dancer becomes the dance. The definition is wide enough to include all human gestures, expressions and movement patterns.
It is this movement/dance full of meaning which is the central operative element of the Biodanza system.  Through it we evoke VIVENCIA: an experience lived with great intensity in the here and now, the intense sensation of being alive.  The objective of Biodanza is to activate deep harmonizing experiences/vivencias through music, dance and exercises of communication within the group.
Carla Hannaford in her book SMART MOVES (2005) WROTE:
Neuroscientific research indicates that experience can actually change both the brain's physical structure (anatomy) and functional organization (physiology)
Rolando Toro, the founder of Biodanza, understood this from his research as a medical anthropologist and psychologist in Chile in the late 60's to 80's.Over many years working with groups of people he developed a system combining MOVEMENT- MUSIC-EMOTION which has positive effects on peoples' balance/homeostasis, vitality and general health by reinforcing already developed aspects of one's identity, and activating the expression of those which are less developed. We all have similar basic human potentials. In each of us they develop in their own pattern, some fully developed, others dormant or underdeveloped. Biodanza offers a situation intense enough to get our attention and supportive enough that we risk moving beyond our habitual patterns, expanding our identity and developing our dormant potentials.
Ahead of his time Toro understood that that transformation/growth doesn't come from knowledge or the intellect alone, but must be integrated into the body and the emotions as well to actually occur.  It must be felt.  It must be embodied. The only way to do this is through meaningful experience.  Vivencia.  And the combination of music, dance and group encounters provided a platform to create vivencias which promote growth and transformation.
So the system of Biodanza provides us with carefully constructed Vivencias which enable us to develop our innate human potentials along the lines of: 
  • Vitality
  • Sexuality
  • Creativity
  • Affectivity
  • Transcendence
To participate in Biodanza no previous dance experience is required. 
Classes in Israel are held mostly in Hebrew, however some are also in English and translation can sometimes be provided. 
See the list of Facilitators and Classes to find a class near you.